CUPE Young Workers Group

For Young Workers

The Group was developed in 2001, after a policy paper was approved by CUPE’s National Convention to develop a working group of young CUPE members. The group now consists of delegates from B.C. to Newfoundland

The objective of this working group is to educate young CUPE members of their rights in the workplace; to rejuvenate and revitalize CUPE by building for the future; to prepare young CUPE members for leadership positions; to educate young members on how they can become involved in CUPE; to implement campaigns for and by young members and to educate leaders and activists and encourage them to reach out and involve young CUPE members.

Don’t wait to get involved. Join the CUPE young workers mailing list, start to attend your CUPE local union meetings, develop a CUPE Young Workers’ Group in your area, run for a position on your CUPE local union executive board, enquire about young working groups through your Provincial Federation of Labour, ask lots of questions or post messages/questions on our list serve.

Young workers have many of the same issues as any other worker – but there are some that affect them more.

 Part-time work
 Job insecurity
 Child care
 Erosion of safety net
 Dead-end jobs
 No benefits
 Low wages
 Not knowing rights
 Harassment
 Not getting information from the union
 Need training
 Unsafe working conditions
 Undeveloped or unrecognized skills

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